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Wash & Fold

Free up your time and energy through our Wash and Fold Service!

Give us your dirty laundry and we will give you back your freedom. With our free pick up and delivery service, you can request a laundry through phone, email or the WashClub app. How it works:

  1. Visit our website and click Get Started, or use our iOS and Android friendly app to get started.
  2. Select which options are right for you:

    a. Pick up and drop off windows (set recurring times every week or month)
    b. Detergent requests
    c. Special instructions
  3. Receive notifications throughout every step of the process including:

    a. Confirmation the initial order is placed
    b. When our driver is 30 minutes away from pick up
    c. Once items are back at our facility, laundry is then weighed, and an itemized invoice sent
    d. When our driver is 30 minutes from drop off
  4. Expertly cleaned, folded, and packaged laundry straight to your door!